Building Façade wrapping. Commissioned by Public Protest Poster
The Table Knife Project brings together the Barcelona based cutlery company Florentine Kitchen Knives and 28 local design studios and collaborators to create 56 extraordinary table knives - personal interventions to an existing model designed by the cutlery firm.
A colorful trophy for Young Guns 2019 awards, hosted by The One Club for Creativity.
In production with lighting company Marset.
Less is a sealed light shade that needs to be broken in order to release the light trapped within.
Dynamic light installation.
Exploration of Light, Movement and Colour in the form of a mobile.
A hat to share
The project was conceived for and presented at the emblematic restaurant “il Giardinetto” in Barcelona
A collection of light experiments based on the idea of capturing the light while traveling through the space.
Dynamic light installation.
A temporary installation and live performance in which a tasty chocolate feast is unveiled and consumed by the public during the event.
A studio visit by Alba Yruela
Smart light that uses your phone screen as its light source.
A large, drop-shaped water collector that hangs outside the house and is connected to the rainwater drainage system.
Ongoing project that produces lamps following a peculiar methodology that allows to shade the light with layers of paint.
A two sided piece of furniture that is both wall and sofa.
A set of special modular shelves that allow for irregular and consistently harmonious arrangements.
A lamp/installation piece in which black paint slowly drips onto a big spherical lamp.
We were commissioned to design the trophies for the prestigious Delta Awards 2014.
NURBS is a series of experiments on seating made with Corian.
A pendant lamp conceived specifically for LEDs
A union of a group of designers from diverse fields whose desire is to produce objects and experiences based on practical research, intuition and collaboration.
Exhibition design for art installation from artist Mireia c. Saladrigues.
A hat for three was made using local traditional crafts to be shown at the exhibition “Fora de Lloc” in the Barcelona Design Museum in 2015.
An intriguing two-sided piece of furniture that is both a wall and a sofa.
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